In the later part of WW2 (1944-45) fought campaign between Finland and Germany caused severe scars in northern Finlands (Lapland) landscape. Until recent years it has been possible to locate trenches, different kind of buildups and even material debris from wartime era. Lapin sota- sivusto (Laplandwar- website) presents historic sites and relics from northern Finlands landscape.

If considered impacts of Lapland war to Finnish society and amount of historic places still left, it is suprising that in Lappland there is no museum to present this war. Only exeption is Enontekiö- communal museum of Järämä, which presents fortressed area as an outdoor museum and small exhibition center. Famous museum of  Sami- culture does not mention wartime even if trenches can be found in museum backyard!

In this moment trenches and historic sites are covered under vegetation. In Lappland for turist is presented more faked SantaClaus- exotics than  real  experiences growing from local roots and health self-confidence. Are tourists interested to see living history? Many visitors from different nationalities are looking for places to where WW2 lead their family members. Lappland offers only properly laid highways to neighboring country Norway where many historic places and fortresses are open for public as well guided museums.






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